Corporate Profile

Company Name HIRAI DENKEIKI Co.,Ltd.
Representative Directors Chairman    Fukuzou HIRAI
President    Takaya HIRAI
Executive Director    Motoyuki HIRAI
Director    Goryou MATSUI
Established February 11, 1921
Foundation of Limited Company February 15, 1952
Capital 40million yen (authorized capital 80 million yen)
Office Head Office & Work Site
ZIP CODE 601-8306 30, Kisshoin-Miyanonishicho, Minami-ku, Kyoto
Phone +81-75-312-6006
Facsimile +81-75-313-5800

Tokyo Office
ZIP CODE 153-0064 1st floor, Elfu Meguro, 2-17-6, Shimo-meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Phone : -81-3-3490-7380
Facsimile : +81-3-3490-7380
Products Transformer for instrument(dry/mold type)
Special transformer
Coils for special purposes
Resin etc.
Banks of Account Bank of Kyoto, Ltd. Nishi-shichijo Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kyoto Branch
Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank Kadono Branch
Number of Employees Office staff 11members
Work site staff 32members
Total 43members
Site Area 1,662m2
Site Head office, warehouse, facilities 681m2
Work site 809m2
Total 1,409m2
Manufacturing Capability 20,000units/month
Main Products Varnished dry type transformer, each type (Current Transformer/Voltage Transformer)
Epoxy mold transformer, each type
Epoxy mold transformer for test/special purposes
Epoxy mold transformer for high-voltage pulse/thyristor gate transformer
Epoxy mold transformer for high frequency
Epoxy mold window-type current transformer (large size)


Hitachi, Ltd., TOSHIBA CORPORATION, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Fuji Electric Systems Co.,Ltd., Fuji Electric FA Components & Systems Co.,Ltd., YASKAWA Electric Corporation, Japan AE Power Systems Corporation, TOSHIBA MITSUBISHI-ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS CORPORATION, Toko, Hitachi Electric Systems Co.,Ltd., Hitachi IE Systems Co.,Ltd., NISHISHIBA ELECTRIC CO., LTD., KITASHIBA ELECTRIC CO., LTD. , TOYO ELECTRIC CORPORATION, Voith Fuji Hydro K.K., Aichi Electric Works Co., Ltd., KATSUMATA ELECTRIC WORKS CORPORATION, TERASAKI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD., Nippon Kouatsu Electric Co.,Ltd., EBARA CORPORATION, Japan Electric Meters Inspection Corporation etc.

Main Equipments

Vacuum Prototype epoxy-molding System/two-component liquid dispenser 3units
Varnish vacuum impregnation equipment/control system 3units
Resin hardening furnace/Constant Temperature Oven 17units
Automatic coil winding machine 4units
automatic binding machine/universal automatic binding machine 5units
Full automatic winding machine(toroidal, large size) 10units
impulse voltage generator/impulse voltage measuring system 1set
Frequency Converter 1set
arbitrary waveform generator 1set
High-frequency power source system 1set
Partial discharge measurement system 1set
Voltage Transformer for 2units
Automatic instrument transformer test set 1set
Test equipment for high and low voltage current transformer and voltage transformer for operation 3set
Measurement machine for phase difference 8set
Standard current transformer, voltage transformer, precise measurement equipment, each type 151units