1921February 11 Daisuke Hirai left SiberHegner Holding Ltd. to strike out on his own company, Hirai Denki Seisakusyo, in Osaka and started manufacturing and sales of indicating instruments and meter transformers.
Mainly supplied transformers for electric energy measurement of SiberHegner Holding Ltd.
1930 Established subcontracting factory in Shimo-gyo Ku, Kyoto City, requested by predecessor concern of Shimadzu Corporation.
1938June Reorganized as private limited company Hirai Denki Seisakusyo (capital: 1 million Japanese Yen) with rising demand from various fields after World War II and abolished subcontracting factory. Enlarged market as specialized manufacturer.
1942February 15 Reorganized company as HIRAI DENKEIKI Co.,Ltd., present corporate name.
1952 Increased capital to 5.5 million Japanese Yen. Founded and started to operate transformers assembling plant in Kisshoin, Minami-ku, Kyoto.
(present location of head office)
1954February 28 Increased capital to 8.63 million Japanese Yen.
Founded office, warehouse, and factory for instrument.
April Relocated head office and completed integration of sales and manufacturing.
December Newly constructed factory for mold transformer and carried on a full-scale operation of epoxy mold products.
Started business with leading companies in Japan.
Expanded/reconstructed testing and manufacturing facilities with repeating capital increase.
1960November Introduced vacuum prototype epoxy-molding system.
At the same time, renovated each factory and strengthened production capacity of epoxy mold products drastically.
Capital 20 million yen.
1964March Increased capital 33 million yen. Newly constructed factory in Kameoka City.
2006June Established Tokyo sub-branch office.
2007February Increased capital from 33 million yen to 40 million yen.
June Elevated Tokyo sub-branch office status to branch office.